Episode #1 – Epic Fictional Fathers

We thought we would start off easy.  We discuss our favorite fictional fathers from Homer Simpson to Darth Vader, each picking a favorite:

  • Matt – Mr. Cunningham, Happy Days
  • John – Andy Griffith – Andy Griffith Show
  • Mark – Dr. Evil – The spy who shagged me.

Hint: these are not our real answers – tune in to the podcast to find out the cold, hard truth.

Rounding up these favorites, we compile a list of qualities we admire in these icons.  Demoralizing self evaluation ensues.  Would you be willing to grab the emperor and throw him off the death star to save your sons life?

Ok, if you are ready, Engineering Fatherhood Episode 1

This is Mark, your friendly EF Intern signing off.  And remember, ‘Dont dad like my brother!’



When engineers procreate, things can get messy!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of ‘Engineering Dads’ where my brothers and I discuss the joys and trials of being a dad.  We were children together and now we are dads.  When did that happen?  And what should we do now?

We will pick a topic every week and use it as a framework to swap funny dad stories, make fun of each other and maybe, just maybe, arrive at some sort of parenting moral.  No promises…

Let’s say your three-year old drops a piece of breakfast sausage on the floor during breakfast.  Do you:

  1. Pick up the food, walk to the trash and throw it away? 
  2. Check to see if you wife is watching, then pick it up and eat it?; or
  3. Throw fingers with your wife to see who GETS to eat it. 

If you answered either #2 or #3, this podcast may be for you.