Episode #1 – Epic Fictional Fathers

We thought we would start off easy.  We discuss our favorite fictional fathers from Homer Simpson to Darth Vader, each picking a favorite:

  • Matt – Mr. Cunningham, Happy Days
  • John – Andy Griffith – Andy Griffith Show
  • Mark – Dr. Evil – The spy who shagged me.

Hint: these are not our real answers – tune in to the podcast to find out the cold, hard truth.

Rounding up these favorites, we compile a list of qualities we admire in these icons.  Demoralizing self evaluation ensues.  Would you be willing to grab the emperor and throw him off the death star to save your sons life?

Ok, if you are ready, Engineering Fatherhood Episode 1

This is Mark, your friendly EF Intern signing off.  And remember, ‘Dont dad like my brother!’



2 comments on “Episode #1 – Epic Fictional Fathers

  1. This is the best episode of Engineering Fatherhood. It’s like saying, ‘You are the best dad I ever had.’

  2. Mr. Cunningham says:

    Thought you guys did very good. Keep up the good work


    Mr. Cunningham

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