When engineers procreate, things can get messy!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of ‘Engineering Dads’ where my brothers and I discuss the joys and trials of being a dad.  We were children together and now we are dads.  When did that happen?  And what should we do now?

We will pick a topic every week and use it as a framework to swap funny dad stories, make fun of each other and maybe, just maybe, arrive at some sort of parenting moral.  No promises…

Let’s say your three-year old drops a piece of breakfast sausage on the floor during breakfast.  Do you:

  1. Pick up the food, walk to the trash and throw it away? 
  2. Check to see if you wife is watching, then pick it up and eat it?; or
  3. Throw fingers with your wife to see who GETS to eat it. 

If you answered either #2 or #3, this podcast may be for you.


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