Episode #2 – Home Improvement

Hello Folks!

We got together Sunday night and recorded us another one of them there podcast thingies.  In discussing this, we learned that:

  • John is a redneck and rednecks can fix pretty much everything. 
  • Matt can do his own flooring, but hasnt tried anything too big since ‘the kids’. 
  • Mark should not be trusted with lawn equipment, but should be allowed to build tree forts. 
  • If you find yourself in a time vortex and land at the Owensclan House circa 1980, be careful on the steps up to the pool deck!
  • When using electronic devices in the john, beware of awkward pottie training songs…

Much fun is had by all.  Moments of the week and the Snews update by Zack to cap it all off.

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 2

This is Mark, your friendly EF Intern Signing off and remember…

Don’t dad like my brother!



2 comments on “Episode #2 – Home Improvement

  1. connie owens says:

    Mr friend Bill “Muck” Maloney had a business of Mr. Bouncy Bounce. He did that for 20 years at least.


  2. Mr. Cunningham says:

    Very good, your dad would proud.

    I think this is a very goog idea.

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