Episode #6 – Now With Random Topic Format!

Hey there dork dads!

Grab a beer and get ready for another fun-filled episode of Engineering Fatherhood.  In our new format, we each brought a small random topic to the table.  John tells about bringing a grand daughter to Victoria’s Secret – Coupons and Panties oh my!  Matt tells us about nightmares and creepy stuff while Mark schools us in proper urinal standing distance. 

Sorry for the brief hiatus but as you all know, life is a very full thing for a father…  Life, liberty, diapers, and the pursuit of happiness can really make you tired.  John had a son leave the nest leaving him both happy and sad.  Matt baptized a daughter and bought a new house.  Mark was traveling the world in search of water nerd cred.  At some point Matt and Mark wound up in separate casino cities (Vegas vs AC) and the fateful 11:11 on 11/11/11 occurred.  Oh the stories we could tell!  (but we wont of course).

Anyway, here is the episode: – Engineering Fatherhood Episode 6

Happy listening!



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