Episode #10 – The Christmas Afterglow

Hey all,

Hopefully you are downloading this on the new iPod you got for christmas.  Congratulations.  We hope you enjoy our tenth episode!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!  If you dont want to hear the whole sticker saga, just FF to 10:36 (just kidding, Matt)

John had a great Christmas with lots of fun family events but is a bit tired.  Believe it or not, he had neither a topic nor a rant.

Matt also had a great Christmas and threw out some wisdom on discipline which is important during the holidays with all the sugar and excitement.  His rant had to do with getting old which is funny because he is the youngest.  Wrong crowd for that complaint, Matt.  Bring that sort of thing to ‘JustinBeaverCast’.

Mark also had a great Christmas and added to our previous toy extravaganza episode.  Trampoline and microphone stand were the toys of Christmas.  Nintendo’s 3DS was also pretty good.  In Matt’s family it was the Imaginext Landfill.  What is funny about that?  Well, it IS a landfill and that is also where it will wind up (hopefully not too soony).  Oh the paradox!  John was just happy about his new gun case.  Some people are strange that way I guess.

We also learned that sometimes you really need a corded power tool.  Batteries are great, but is is nice to be able to pull out the big guns on a tough job.  Oh, and dont hold up a stage coach if John is driving (and they still have those where he lives, but is is pulled by a skidoo).

It was a great Christmas all around with a minimum of stress and fun family times had by all.  We are all traveling to the old homestead this week and will actually see each other in person!  Holy schnikies.  Let the stories, beer, chips and stickers fly!

We would like to reiteraterate our sincerest holiday wishes to all on this our tenth episode (!)

Thanks for listening,

Matt, Mark, and John, the EF DORK TRIO

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 10

The microphone was a big hit


Episode #9 – Elf on a !@#$ing Shelf

Merry Christmas to all,

A very festive show.  We all go through our xmas preparations, discuss how to pick a good gift for your wife, talk about how Amazon.com has become a christmas staple and generally have a good time.

John really needs some Christmas spirit, so send him your positive vibes if you can.  He actually buys gifts for himself and wraps them.  Sounds sad here, but its funny on the cast.  We played carols and the clip of my three year old saying ‘ho ho ho’, but I am not sure it worked.

Thanks to cmorz and Glen Bush for the 5-star reviews.

Seriously folks, from our families to yours, have a safe and happy Christmas and remember, it’s all about the kids!



Engineering Fatherhood Episode 9

Episode #8 – That’s not chocolate!

Hey all,

Another fun filled episode.  Stuff to make you laugh, stuff to make you cry, stuff to make you puke.  You might even kill the cat.  Can I press the plunger next Papa John. 

This is a seriously funny episode.  If you dont laugh, we will send you your money back…

Just to balance things out, we ended on a sad note, discussing the loss of a family friend, Dan Keefe.  He was a wonderful man and he will be missed. 

Sorry, no funny pics this week folks. Want to get that episode out hot off the presses.

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 8