Episode #14 – The Dad of Dads Speaks

That’s right, we had Jack Owens, the patriarch himself on the show tonight.  Tune in to hear the what parenting was like thirty or forty years ago.   It was a fair bit different than it is today.  We tell stories of all the things they did wrong and yet how everything turned out right.  It was divine intervention for sure.  Good thing we never ate meat on Fridays or we would have been doomed!

If I can risk summing up his advice it would be: ‘Let your kids do more own their own, dont worry so much, and definitely make them go outside!’

There you have it from the man himself.   We had a lot of laughs this episode as we stepped through the early years the nerd brothers.

We had rants and moments as always.  I was ‘on location’ (work travel) in Pennsylvania so I apologize for poor skype quality.  John had to use his plow, but otherwise all is well in the central NY bunker.  Matt gave us another video game update – Hero Academy on iOS.  Check it out!

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Engineering Fatherhood Episode 14


Episode 13 and 9/10ths

Matt talks about kids birthday parties.  How far is too far?  Parental competition can be fierce, but making your kid happy is what is important.

Mark brings up some stories about special needs activists whose issues have gone viral.  Here are the links for the issues Mark was talking about:



Rants, moments and stories are included as usual.  Zack joined us all the way from Portland, ME to give us an update on his life.  We kept him on through the entire show and then forgot to give you the sports update.  That is how much fun we were having!  Don’t forget to tune in next week for our special guest!

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Engineering Fatherhood Episode 13

P.S I found this funny picture while I was scouting around for something else and thought it was pretty funny and relevant to rants and engineering and all that…

Angry Engineer Joke

Episode #12 – Eight is enough!

Hey all,

Guest expert Pete Shields enlightens us on the joys of having a large family.  He has eight children!  How do they do it?  He tells us some funny stories, explains the logistics and gives us a few sanity tips for coping with kids when they outnumber you.  My favorite was the part about 21 grandchildren sleeping at grandma’s for Christmas.  Her house must have looked like ‘who-ville’ from the Grinch! Pete is a great guest.  I guess you cant have that many children without a great sense of humor.  This was a really fun episode.

Twelve episodes, can you believe it?  Please feel free to post ideas for new episodes as comments and dont forget to subscribe on iTunes.

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 12

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Episode #11 – Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012!

  • John talks about issues with our higher education system (why is their xmas break so long?).  College costs an arm and a leg, at the very least, they could make the semesters full length.  We need more for our money
  • Matt discusses issues with emergency itching and the Owens Family affliction – TRex Arm Syndrome (short humorous – come on, that is funny)
  • Mark keeps it real by discussing joyful nagging. It’s not really nagging, it is shepherding your kids (to bed, to school, etc.) and it really shouldn’t be that hard, but it is.  Kim took down some tips from the guru (Mother Owens) who has over half a century of experience.  We share all, but there arent any easy solutions on this one.

Funny stories, rock band microphones, children crying, cats everywhere.  This episode was absolute mayhem.  We even give a video game update.

In other news:

  • No ‘respond to comment’ section.  How sad.  Can someone please leave us a comment or an iTunes review?  Heloooo?  Is this thing even on?
  • We finally got a picture up under ‘Owens Brothers’
  • Oh and listen to the song at the end.  I picked it out.

Here is to a safe, happy and prosperous 2012!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 11