Episode #11 – Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012!

  • John talks about issues with our higher education system (why is their xmas break so long?).  College costs an arm and a leg, at the very least, they could make the semesters full length.  We need more for our money
  • Matt discusses issues with emergency itching and the Owens Family affliction – TRex Arm Syndrome (short humorous – come on, that is funny)
  • Mark keeps it real by discussing joyful nagging. It’s not really nagging, it is shepherding your kids (to bed, to school, etc.) and it really shouldn’t be that hard, but it is.  Kim took down some tips from the guru (Mother Owens) who has over half a century of experience.  We share all, but there arent any easy solutions on this one.

Funny stories, rock band microphones, children crying, cats everywhere.  This episode was absolute mayhem.  We even give a video game update.

In other news:

  • No ‘respond to comment’ section.  How sad.  Can someone please leave us a comment or an iTunes review?  Heloooo?  Is this thing even on?
  • We finally got a picture up under ‘Owens Brothers’
  • Oh and listen to the song at the end.  I picked it out.

Here is to a safe, happy and prosperous 2012!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 11


One comment on “Episode #11 – Happy New Year!

  1. capogambino says:

    Nice words of wisdom! I felt like I was hanging out with you guys in your living room.

    What’s with the hillbilly music? Where’s the blues?

    Is that pastor you’re going to Vegas with the infamous pastor fuzz?

    I think after about age 35 you realize you never keep any new Year’s resolutions, and stop bothering with them.

    Does elephant boy’s trunk count as a third arm? Can he scratch his back with it?

    Did you really say “These kids today…” You need to be a card-carrying member of the AARP to say that.

    All those degrees in transgendered aboriginal art history are very valuable, and create productive members of society.

    The sticker price on colleges is not real. The prices are inflated to make sure that more students can show maximum need and get the max gov’t assistance. Also, they use it to make sure that parents pay as much as they can possibly afford.

    Shepherding…when I was a kid the “shepherding” was done with the back of my mother’s hand, and never needed to be applied more than once. Of course, that is not PC parenting these days.

    You guys got invaded by space aliens?

    My shepherding rant…to get out the door, we have to get 8 kids through the potty, then into socks, shoes, and coats, and depending where we are going, other paraphenalia (books, bags, dance shoes, etc..). If we don’t do it fast enough, the potty timer expires, and we have to start all over again with the potty.

    Nice stuff, can’t wait for the next podcast!

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