Episode #12 – Eight is enough!

Hey all,

Guest expert Pete Shields enlightens us on the joys of having a large family.  He has eight children!  How do they do it?  He tells us some funny stories, explains the logistics and gives us a few sanity tips for coping with kids when they outnumber you.  My favorite was the part about 21 grandchildren sleeping at grandma’s for Christmas.  Her house must have looked like ‘who-ville’ from the Grinch! Pete is a great guest.  I guess you cant have that many children without a great sense of humor.  This was a really fun episode.

Twelve episodes, can you believe it?  Please feel free to post ideas for new episodes as comments and dont forget to subscribe on iTunes.

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 12

See you next week!

WaterNerd signing off!



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