Episode 13 and 9/10ths

Matt talks about kids birthday parties.  How far is too far?  Parental competition can be fierce, but making your kid happy is what is important.

Mark brings up some stories about special needs activists whose issues have gone viral.  Here are the links for the issues Mark was talking about:



Rants, moments and stories are included as usual.  Zack joined us all the way from Portland, ME to give us an update on his life.  We kept him on through the entire show and then forgot to give you the sports update.  That is how much fun we were having!  Don’t forget to tune in next week for our special guest!

Happy Engineering,


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 13

P.S I found this funny picture while I was scouting around for something else and thought it was pretty funny and relevant to rants and engineering and all that…

Angry Engineer Joke


One comment on “Episode 13 and 9/10ths

  1. connie owens says:

    Well guys sounds like you all had a very nice Christmas. We were sure glad for your visit.

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