Episode #14 – The Dad of Dads Speaks

That’s right, we had Jack Owens, the patriarch himself on the show tonight.  Tune in to hear the what parenting was like thirty or forty years ago.   It was a fair bit different than it is today.  We tell stories of all the things they did wrong and yet how everything turned out right.  It was divine intervention for sure.  Good thing we never ate meat on Fridays or we would have been doomed!

If I can risk summing up his advice it would be: ‘Let your kids do more own their own, dont worry so much, and definitely make them go outside!’

There you have it from the man himself.   We had a lot of laughs this episode as we stepped through the early years the nerd brothers.

We had rants and moments as always.  I was ‘on location’ (work travel) in Pennsylvania so I apologize for poor skype quality.  John had to use his plow, but otherwise all is well in the central NY bunker.  Matt gave us another video game update – Hero Academy on iOS.  Check it out!

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Have a great week,



Engineering Fatherhood Episode 14


One comment on “Episode #14 – The Dad of Dads Speaks

  1. connie owens says:

    Thought it was a great podcast. Love, Mom

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