Episode #18 – Is our education system failing?

Hey all,

Eighteen episodes: our podcast is old enough to vote now!  Some quick notes for Episode #18

  • Matt makes an excellent Mr. Mom
  • Things are going well in John’s house.  The man is a machine.
  • Ben (living in Mark’s house) starts his job tomorrow (tomorrow for the podcase, today as I write this)
  • In our opinion the education is not the fault for the failing students.  They need better support from home.  This is the big issue the media ignores because it is  a hard truth
  • There are less people in science and engineering.  That is unfortunate.  Market forces will swing it back in to balance, but the fill ins will likely come from other countries.  That is good for America in that many of those folks will stay, but what about the folks with unmarketable skills?  Where will they go?
  •  Yes that IS mark playing the intro song.  Forgot to mention that last week.  Eat my dust Tom Petty!
  • Passwords are a pain! (they make be angry, very very angry)

There was more fun stuff that I cannot recall off of the top of my head.  Luke woke up crying near the end of the episode and I had to bail.  Like we say, ‘Real dads, real brothers, real problems…’

Have a great week!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 18

Junk Jack LE Game of the Week

Mr. Mom by Lonestar


Episode #17 – Eat your darn nuggets, kid!

Tune in for another fun filled episode:

  • Valentine’s Day roundup
  • Advice from the ‘grammarnerd’
  • Do we buy our kids too much crap?
  • Spend more time with your children!  Of course, but what exactly will they remember?
  • Should the government control our kids lunches.  Hell no!
  • Success Story, Mark’s little brother Ben gets a job!
  • More advice than you ever wanted about lawn tractors!

All the standard bits are there too from rants to moments to game updates.  Have fun and thanks for listening!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 17

Closing song: Something to be proud of By Montgomery Gentry

Game of the week: TripleTown iOS game

Episode #16 – Twins! Otherwise known as ‘Attack of the Clones’

Hey all,

Join Matt, Mark and John along with subject matter expert Matt W as we discuss the fun filled world of twins!  Matt W (other brother Matt) has twin boys aged 3.  We ask him also sorts of questions about his fun and busy life.  C’mon, I know all you dads were secretly hoping for twins.  Well Matt W hit the jackpot.  His pearls of wisdom include:

  • Keep them on exactly the same schedule.  If one wakes up early, you have to bite the bullet and wake the other one.
  • Be on the lookout in case one becomes over dominant.  In that case you might need to let them do more stuff separately.
  • Plan special times with each one.
  • Interchangeable clothes are a perk!

We also keep you up to date with rants, moments, and the all important video update.

Thanks Matt W for joining us!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 16

Below are some links to the music and games that we mention/play:

Opening Song: Stories We Could Tell Live (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Closing Song: My Evil Twin (They Might Be Giants)

Skyrim:Elder Scrolls V  XBox360/PS3/PC Game


The Williams Family

Luke and Emily are Fine

Hey all,

Just a quick update to let you know that Luke totally bounced back Thursday and was almost his old self by the time I came back from work.  I just got a text from Matt saying Emily is doing well too. 

Just thought we might have worried some folks…


P.S. remember – no matter how many germs we have in our houses, you cannot get sick from listeing to EF

Episode #15 – Great Valentine’s Day Advice!

We tell you the truth about Valentine’s day.  John and Mark school Matt with important tips for making the day special for your wife.  Tips that are simple, inexpensive and effective.

A good gift requires prior planning and thoughfulness.  Here are our suggestions

  • Mail the valentines card in advance so she gets it in the mail.  This is brilliant (John’s idea)
  • Have flowers delivered to her at her place of work.  This makes the gift public for extra points.  (another John special)
  • Bring home something from work (chocolates perhaps – cliche but tasty!) (John again)
  • Specially selected conversation hearts placed where she can find them (cheezy but cheap – this one from Mark)
  • YOU plan the babysitter.  Dont leave it to her. (Mark again)

We also have a lot more discussion about poop than you ever want to hear, but some of it is funny of course.  Rants and video game updates as always.  Can you believe it?  We for got moments of the week.  Shame on us.

This is the Official EF Cherub Mark, telling you to do your Vday planning now!

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 15

Below are some links to the music and games that we mention/play:

Opening Song: Stories We Could Tell Live (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Closing Song: Another Side of You (Joe Nichols)

Dungeon Raid Lite (aka free) / Dungeon Raid (paid) iOS Game



How to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and how to leave a review.

Hey all,

There may be folks among you that like the show, but do not have iTunes installed or have it installed but do not know how to use it.  It is perfectly reasonable to listen to the show by coming here to these show notes and simply clicking on the link.  However, there are some benefits to using iTunes.  Some benefits for you and some for us.

iTunes is a media player.  It also ‘syncs’ music, podcasts, etc. with your iPod/iPhone.  The benefit here is that you can ‘subscribe’ to the podcast (or other media).  When you subscribe, iTunes will periodically check for updated content.  Not only will it be available for play in iTunes itself, it will be automatically transferred to your player.  I personally am subscribed to a number of podcasts that I like so new episodes just ‘show up’ on my iPod when I sync.

The other benefit is to us.  iTunes is a clearinghouse where you can search for and find media such as podcasts about a huge range of topics.  Hopefully some people will find our podcast in this manner.  That is where the rating comes in.  If we have more subscribers and more positive reviews, we will appear higher on the list!

So if you want the benefits of subscribing or you just wand to help us out, here’s how to do it:

  1. Download and install iTunes (www.itunes.com)
  2. It will require you to set up an account with a credit card.  Dont worry, Engineering Fatherhood is free and always will be.
  3. When you load it up, it will have a list of categories on the left.  One of them is iTunes store.  Click on that
  4. There is a lot of different types of media on the store (songs, tv shows, etc.).  Most of it has a cost.  Podcasts are free.  Click on podcasts.
  5. Search on Engineering Fatherhood.  The results page will come up that shows all the matches.  Unless a movie comes out with the same name, there should only be one match.  This is what confused our illustrious SafetyNerd.  You need to click one more time on Engineering Fatherhood to bring up our actual page. 
  6. Our actual page contains all the episodes.  Click ‘subscribe’ – This will tell iTunes you want it to download all new episodes automatically.  Click on the stars to indicate how many stars you would like to rate us (hint – five is good).  If you are so inclined, you could even write us a review.  That would be awesome!
  7. Then you are good to go.  You can either use your iPod or the iTunes program to listen and it will always be up to date.  And Engineering Fatherhood will rocket to the top of the ‘Kids andFamily’ category!

Thanks for listening!