Episode #15 – Great Valentine’s Day Advice!

We tell you the truth about Valentine’s day.  John and Mark school Matt with important tips for making the day special for your wife.  Tips that are simple, inexpensive and effective.

A good gift requires prior planning and thoughfulness.  Here are our suggestions

  • Mail the valentines card in advance so she gets it in the mail.  This is brilliant (John’s idea)
  • Have flowers delivered to her at her place of work.  This makes the gift public for extra points.  (another John special)
  • Bring home something from work (chocolates perhaps – cliche but tasty!) (John again)
  • Specially selected conversation hearts placed where she can find them (cheezy but cheap – this one from Mark)
  • YOU plan the babysitter.  Dont leave it to her. (Mark again)

We also have a lot more discussion about poop than you ever want to hear, but some of it is funny of course.  Rants and video game updates as always.  Can you believe it?  We for got moments of the week.  Shame on us.

This is the Official EF Cherub Mark, telling you to do your Vday planning now!

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 15

Below are some links to the music and games that we mention/play:

Opening Song: Stories We Could Tell Live (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Closing Song: Another Side of You (Joe Nichols)

Dungeon Raid Lite (aka free) / Dungeon Raid (paid) iOS Game




2 comments on “Episode #15 – Great Valentine’s Day Advice!

  1. Another very funny episode! Especially enjoyed the commentary about toilet seats that don’t stay up (having also experienced that both at hotels and friends’ homes who have installed the padded seat covers), and the ranting about people not removing wall plates, door knobs, etc., when they paint. ~ zTonyz ~ (friend of your dad’s–we get together for breakfast every week)

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