Episode #16 – Twins! Otherwise known as ‘Attack of the Clones’

Hey all,

Join Matt, Mark and John along with subject matter expert Matt W as we discuss the fun filled world of twins!  Matt W (other brother Matt) has twin boys aged 3.  We ask him also sorts of questions about his fun and busy life.  C’mon, I know all you dads were secretly hoping for twins.  Well Matt W hit the jackpot.  His pearls of wisdom include:

  • Keep them on exactly the same schedule.  If one wakes up early, you have to bite the bullet and wake the other one.
  • Be on the lookout in case one becomes over dominant.  In that case you might need to let them do more stuff separately.
  • Plan special times with each one.
  • Interchangeable clothes are a perk!

We also keep you up to date with rants, moments, and the all important video update.

Thanks Matt W for joining us!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 16

Below are some links to the music and games that we mention/play:

Opening Song: Stories We Could Tell Live (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Closing Song: My Evil Twin (They Might Be Giants)

Skyrim:Elder Scrolls V  XBox360/PS3/PC Game


The Williams Family


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