Episode #18 – Is our education system failing?

Hey all,

Eighteen episodes: our podcast is old enough to vote now!  Some quick notes for Episode #18

  • Matt makes an excellent Mr. Mom
  • Things are going well in John’s house.  The man is a machine.
  • Ben (living in Mark’s house) starts his job tomorrow (tomorrow for the podcase, today as I write this)
  • In our opinion the education is not the fault for the failing students.  They need better support from home.  This is the big issue the media ignores because it is  a hard truth
  • There are less people in science and engineering.  That is unfortunate.  Market forces will swing it back in to balance, but the fill ins will likely come from other countries.  That is good for America in that many of those folks will stay, but what about the folks with unmarketable skills?  Where will they go?
  •  Yes that IS mark playing the intro song.  Forgot to mention that last week.  Eat my dust Tom Petty!
  • Passwords are a pain! (they make be angry, very very angry)

There was more fun stuff that I cannot recall off of the top of my head.  Luke woke up crying near the end of the episode and I had to bail.  Like we say, ‘Real dads, real brothers, real problems…’

Have a great week!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 18

Junk Jack LE Game of the Week

Mr. Mom by Lonestar


3 comments on “Episode #18 – Is our education system failing?

  1. When is Episode #19 coming out? I’m getting withdrawal symptoms without an Engineering Fatherhood podcast to listen to!

  2. Tony!

    No worries. We recorded last night.


  3. connie owens says:

    Really liked episode # 18, especially the music in the beginning. I’s very proud of my boys. Love, Mom

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