Episode #22 – Holy Big Secret News Batman!!!!

You have to listen to this one.  Matt reveals big news and I aint puttin it in the blog post.  You need to hear it to believe it!


  • Mark – spending quality (individual) time with each kids
  • Matt – Cool stories about how you found out your wife was cooking a bun
  • John – Food Stamps.  We give people free money for food.  However, supplementing isnt enough – we need to support them completely.  Oh the injustice.  (this may have been his rant – I get mixed up).

Rants and moments as always.  We may even have stayed under an hour (nope).  Seriously folks, you have to tune in and hear Matt’s news…


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 22

Grown Men Don’t Cry by Tim McGraw


Episode 21 – Down Syndrome Awareness

World Down Syndrome Awareness Day is March 21.  We celebrate this with our guest, Jason Cosky.  Mark and Jason both have children with Down Syndrome so this is a topic near and dear.  We go through some basic facts about DS:

  • Officially Trisomy 21 – An extra copy of the 21st chromosome.  Hence the date 3-21.
  • Most common genetic disorder.  1 in ~700 births.
  • Children with DS have higher incidence of certain medical disorders and mild to moderate cognitive delay.
  • Over the years many of the medical challenges have been overcome and people with DS live longer, more normal lives.
  • Better therapy methods including early intervention have drastically improved the outlook for children with DS.
  • Exciting new research may produce drugs capable of addressing some of the cognitive delay!
  • Research is WAYYY underfunded compared to other genetic disorders.  We pimp the DSRTF!

Mark and Jason share stories about Luke and Dexter (photos below) while John and Matt give the layman’s perspective.  Here are some links to get more info:

Final thoughts from Mark and Jason went something like

Having a child with DS does set you up for some extra work (therapy) and possibly some medical issues, but in the end they will be just as weird and wonderful as any other kid.

We conclude with rants and moments as always.  Jason had been saving up rants for 20 episodes so we let him vent a little extra.  If anyone has any additional rants to share, just add a comment on this page and we will read it on the air.

Thanks for listening,


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 21

Scramble with Friends for iOS

I Saw God Today by George Strait

Dexter with big sister Eloise!

Luke Reading the Hobbit!

Episode #20 – Differences Between Boys and Girls

Hey all,

A score of episodes?  Can you believe it?  We debunk all the gender myths about raising children.  Yes, boys and girls ARE different and we tell it straight.

  • Girls – More helpful and loving.  Easier when young, alien life forms in the teenage years.  Way more common sense.  They need a lot of overt love to help with confidence
  • Boys – More physical, but lazy if you can believe it.  Video game addiction is a danger!  We are going to go ahead and say it ‘gasp’ generally better at math.  As teenagers, they generally don’t tell you their problems.  Best to pick a hobby (even a video game) to share so you can have common ground.

We also found out that John has a LOT of girl differences to share – not that there is anything wrong with that!

In a hilarious coincidence (?), we have all been sent by our wives to get our hearing tested.  All passed with flying colors.  HA!!!!!

Good moments, good rants.  All the fun is there.  Have fun listening!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 20

Drop 7 for iOS — Matt’s Game of the Week.

Episode #19 – Room Full of Angry Engineers

Another week of great fun!

  • John is not afraid of angry engineers.
  • Matt is fixing real satellites in a bunny suit which is pretty darn cool!
  • Mark gets a ‘Keystolope’.  (did I spell that right John?)

We talk about minivans and how awesome they are.  The stigma about a real man owning a minivan seems to be fading.  Matt’s wife Mary seems to be easily picked up by minivan salesman.  Maybe he was gone too long or perhaps he did not look so good in the bunny suit.

We also talk about engineer stereotypes.  Whether they are true or not, they sure are funny.  Dilbert rocks!

Everybody is healthy.  Mark can handle being Mr. Mom, and he can handle big projects at work, but both at the same time?  Well it was a close call.

Stay tuned for the super special song at the end.  It is performed by our very own John Owens and is really pretty awesome!

Next week will be Episode #20.  Can you believe it?


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 19