Episode #19 – Room Full of Angry Engineers

Another week of great fun!

  • John is not afraid of angry engineers.
  • Matt is fixing real satellites in a bunny suit which is pretty darn cool!
  • Mark gets a ‘Keystolope’.  (did I spell that right John?)

We talk about minivans and how awesome they are.  The stigma about a real man owning a minivan seems to be fading.  Matt’s wife Mary seems to be easily picked up by minivan salesman.  Maybe he was gone too long or perhaps he did not look so good in the bunny suit.

We also talk about engineer stereotypes.  Whether they are true or not, they sure are funny.  Dilbert rocks!

Everybody is healthy.  Mark can handle being Mr. Mom, and he can handle big projects at work, but both at the same time?  Well it was a close call.

Stay tuned for the super special song at the end.  It is performed by our very own John Owens and is really pretty awesome!

Next week will be Episode #20.  Can you believe it?


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 19


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