Episode #20 – Differences Between Boys and Girls

Hey all,

A score of episodes?  Can you believe it?  We debunk all the gender myths about raising children.  Yes, boys and girls ARE different and we tell it straight.

  • Girls – More helpful and loving.  Easier when young, alien life forms in the teenage years.  Way more common sense.  They need a lot of overt love to help with confidence
  • Boys – More physical, but lazy if you can believe it.  Video game addiction is a danger!  We are going to go ahead and say it ‘gasp’ generally better at math.  As teenagers, they generally don’t tell you their problems.  Best to pick a hobby (even a video game) to share so you can have common ground.

We also found out that John has a LOT of girl differences to share – not that there is anything wrong with that!

In a hilarious coincidence (?), we have all been sent by our wives to get our hearing tested.  All passed with flying colors.  HA!!!!!

Good moments, good rants.  All the fun is there.  Have fun listening!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 20

Drop 7 for iOS — Matt’s Game of the Week.


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