Episode #25 – Working Overseas (Special Guest Antonio Medina!)

Silver Anniversary Episode!

Have you ever considered taking a job in another country?  What impact would it have on your family?  My good friend Antonio Medina joins us all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil to tell us the pros and cons of ‘taking the family international’.  He has a wonderful wife and three super smart kiddoes.  On the plus side your kids become multilingual (three languages in his case) and get exposed to other cultures.  You also get to watch gogo girls at school functions!  On the minus side you are far from your extended family and have to travel a lot.

Antonio shares some wisdom and some great stories of living in Brazil.  We even learn a bit about Sao Paulo apparently has a larger GNP/Population than Poland!  As engineers and professionals, overseas jobs come up from time to time and we have all thought about it.

As always, we have rants and moments.

  • John changes a diaper – oh the humanity!
  • Matt is a celebrity when he returns from work
  • Mark’s lil guy Luke washes his own hair
  • Antonio’s Francisco locks himself in the bathroom and needs rescuing by his manly father!

We also talk about guns and politics as usual.

Have a great week!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 25

World War Z by Max Brooks audiobook


Episode 24 – Grandparents and Rules

Hey all,

John brings up a good topic this week relating to grandparents and rules.  What about ‘what happens at grandma’s house stays at grandma’s house?’  Should grandparents be like Vegas?  Or does that go too far.  We came to the conclusion that when kids are with both grandparents and parents, parents rules should govern.

Matt brought up spider killing.  Mark (onsite in Enid Oklahoma) did not have a topic – Tighten up Mark!

Rants about stuff people did in our houses before we bought them and clutter.  Oh clutter you make me shudder!

Great moments and fun was had by all!

See you next week,


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 24

Two Pink Lines by Eric Church

The Hacker iOS game

Episode #23 – Irish Jesus?

Hey All,

What if Jesus was Irish?  Guiness as the blood of Christ?  Ok so we got a bit irreverent…

Matt talks about baby names.  Mark talks about ‘letting kids be kids’ and John did a combined topic/rant about takers/givers.  There were laughs all around in this Easter episode.  I (Mark) was actually visiting EF HQ in Maryland.  It was nice to see Matt ‘work the magic’.  For the record, he made it look easy.

Matt rants about hotel internet and rental car gas.  My rant must have sucked because I cant remember it.

Moments, Easter eggs and general holiday fun was had by all!

Happy Easter,


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 23