Episode #25 – Working Overseas (Special Guest Antonio Medina!)

Silver Anniversary Episode!

Have you ever considered taking a job in another country?  What impact would it have on your family?  My good friend Antonio Medina joins us all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil to tell us the pros and cons of ‘taking the family international’.  He has a wonderful wife and three super smart kiddoes.  On the plus side your kids become multilingual (three languages in his case) and get exposed to other cultures.  You also get to watch gogo girls at school functions!  On the minus side you are far from your extended family and have to travel a lot.

Antonio shares some wisdom and some great stories of living in Brazil.  We even learn a bit about Sao Paulo apparently has a larger GNP/Population than Poland!  As engineers and professionals, overseas jobs come up from time to time and we have all thought about it.

As always, we have rants and moments.

  • John changes a diaper – oh the humanity!
  • Matt is a celebrity when he returns from work
  • Mark’s lil guy Luke washes his own hair
  • Antonio’s Francisco locks himself in the bathroom and needs rescuing by his manly father!

We also talk about guns and politics as usual.

Have a great week!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 25

World War Z by Max Brooks audiobook


2 comments on “Episode #25 – Working Overseas (Special Guest Antonio Medina!)

  1. Lauren Trahan says:

    Great episode, as usual. Really enjoyed the guest topic. Wanted to comment on Mark’s rant: The production manager at the company I work for publishes monthly reports where he claims to be operating at greater than 100% efficiency. He calculates it as the # of units per minute actually produced divided by what the manufacturer of the equipment predicted it would run at. Like saying Honda claims your car will average 20 mpg but you actually get 22 mpg, so you claim your car is running at 110% efficiency. Drives me crazy every month when I have to read it.

    I’d also like to enquire why, being a “space” guy, Matt has not reviewed”Angry Birds Space” in his video game review?

    Can’t wait for episode 26!

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