Episode #30 – Children’s Movies!

This is a list of movies that lie in the intersection of Child Love and Parental Love on a Venn diagram:

  • Cars
  • Lion King
  • Finding Nemo
  • Incredibles
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Monster’s Inc.  (Dory Rocks!)
  • Alladin (the Genie Rocks!)

We also mentioned some classics:

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Mary Poppins
  • Bedknobs and broomsticks
  • Watership Down
  • Herbie the love bug
  • Lady and the Tramp

We also noted that parents die a lot in kids movies.  How sad.

Great rants this week

  • John – People who want top dollar for junk at a garage sale
  • Matt – Too much AC such that you need to wear a jacket when companies are trying to be green ***
  • Mark – Gas gauge inaccuracy

*** – Denotes winner of the coveted weekly rant award

Moments and more!

Oh and we ended with the pi song!  Dedicated to my delightfully weird son Alex.  Great fun!  I wanted to belatedly give credit to the folks who adapted the pi song (their lyrics, Don MacLean’s tune) – Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan!

Mark Out

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 30


Episode #29 – Bath Time! Special Guest – Pete Loomis!

Have your kids ever had an ‘incident’ in the bath?  In Matt’s family they call that a ‘CODE BROWN’.  This is all made even more fun with our special guest, Pete Loomis.   We tell all the fun stories about our kids in the bath:

  • how to wash their hair
  • never to run to the convenience store while they are in the tub
  • newborns are slippery
  • Pee Pee is supposed to be sterile, Poopie means you have to decon the tub.
  • At what age is it creepy for your son and daughter to bathe together?

All this together with rants and moments.  Pete wins the rant-off contest with his rant about toy product packaging.  That stuff is the bane of fathers everywhere.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 29

Endless Summer by Aaron Lewis

Episode #28 – Get Outta My Bed

Tonight’s discussion – Kids sleeping in YOUR bed!

Do your kids wangle their way into your bed?  Aren’t they cozy?  Have you ever tried to get them out of your bed after?  Getting them back in their own bed isn’t so easy is it?

Matt’s single night rule – Never let them sleep in your bed two nights running (this worked with girls in college too).  This is a great rule.  It allows the exception for things like being sick, a bad T-Storm, etc., but hopefully isnt habit forming without the second night.  This is a rule to live by.

John has a weird situation because the are grandchildren (man is he OLD).  They are only their on weekends and no one seems bothered by it.  Not sure what they do when the are back at home, but the rule we came up with is:  If you choose this lifestyle, more power to you.  If you dont want them there and just ‘cant’ get them to sleep in your own bed, you are being bullied by your kids!  Remember, you are bigger than they are!  Man up and put them back in their own bed!

We also agreed that at some point, this becomes a bit creepy.  We could not agree on an exact age, but if your kid is past puberty, they are too old to sleep in your bed.


Matt wins a second week in a row.  He had a slew of them.  Huge receipts that are more like junk mail mixed with your receipt.  He complained about automatic check out lanes, but didn’t get a lot of support.  Then he brought up overpriced professional photography and hit the jackpot.  I think the receipts one was the weekly winner

John complained about ‘press 1 for English’ and we all agreed that that was dumb.

Mark complained about purchasing eyeglasses, the mall, and brick and mortar stores in general.

All in all it was a very fun episode.  This week only, you may download it for FREE.

Remember, we can always use a review on iTunes.  Also, guest rants and all comments are accepted.

Signing off,


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 28

Going Through Hell by Rodney Atkins