Episode #31 – The boys are back!

Sorry for the hiatus.  Our excuse – summers are busy.  Also, see the top ten list below!

Give us a listen for an update on the EF Summer activities.  Mark’s list of beer selling gimmicks.  What beer makes cold mountains turn blue?  What beer has a ‘specially lined can?’  Answers to these and other universal questions in this episode.

Plus: Double rants!  That’s right, we have been saving them up.

Matt – Motorcycles are too loud and too dangerous!  The bread bag inside the bread bag is annoying!

John – Buses even in summer.  You miss the bus, you walk.  It’s that simple.  [I forget his second one]

Mark – Tangled earbuds, tip jars at fast food restaurants.

All this, moments of the week and more!!!

The boys are back!!!!!!


Top ten reasons why we havent recorded lately

(from the home office in Richmond, VA)

10 – Summer Power Outages

9 – Too darn hot!

8 – Zombie ant apocalypse at Mark’s House

7 – Fine for ‘potty mouth’ from the FCC

6 – Matt was busy buying pickles and ice cream for Mary (due in October)

5 – Our sister Kris came by and stole all of our podcasting toys

4 – Just too darn hot

3 – Matt deep in door handle debrassification (Nearly Complete!)

2 – Summer pool time!

and the number one reason why we have been totally lame and havent recorded is:

1 – John’s ‘bunker’ invaded by goonies

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 31

She Couldn’t Change Me by Montgomery Gentry


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