Episode 32 – Paying for College

College costs way too much!  There is the sticker price and then the real price, just like cars.  Is the traditional college approach worth it?  Is it really the parent’s responsibility to pay for it?  Aren’t some majors totally dumb!  Government subsidizes colleges heavily.  Should they?  What are the effects.

This was a great discussion and although we don’t give any real deep financial advice on how to get your kid through college, we sure had a great time.  It was fun to be back together to hit this hot topic.  John had recent experience with Zack (very successful!) and Matt and I are struggling on whether and how to save.  Hopefully we hit on all the issues an ‘engineering father’ would want to hear.

Oh and we went through a list of the highest paying undergraduate degrees and SEVEN OF THEM had the word ENGINEERING in them.  Go nerds!


John – Diversity.  We all want diversity, but are we willing to choose employees, prospective students, etc. based on this?  We all think that is a bad idea.  Diversity is just another word for affirmative action which is another word for racism.

Matt – Motor Cycles in the HOV lane.

Mark – Crumbs in the butter and police fundraising calls.

All that and MOMENTS too.  Tune in if you want to hear the scary story about poor little Emily!



Engineering Fatherhood Episode 32


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