Episode #33 – Bill Curley from the Swamps of Jersey!

Bill tells us about having an only child and Matt and Mark mock him for how ‘hard’ it must be.  Bill is also inundated with pets…  I hear changing a hermit crab’s diaper can be dicey…

We learn how to avoid over drama.  Why we don’t let our daughters get tattoos and that iPhones can be left out in the rain.

Good times are had by all!  John rants about banning sugary beverages in NYC.  Matt rants about impatience at the baggage claim and Mark rants about stupid political adds…

Secret bonus rant by Mark – you cannot really gag a person by putting duct tape over their mouth.  YET IT IS IN SO MANY MOVIES!!!

Also – secret hermit crab tip of the week.  You have to listen to hear it.  It will blow your mind!!!

All that and moments!


Engineering Fatherhood Episode 33

Closing song – Rosalita by Bruce Springsteen


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