Episode #35 – Comedian Justin Worsham

Justin Wosham joins us on this episode.  What a blast!  We talk to him about being a comedian and being a father, but mostly we just had a bunch of laughs.

We also talk about how Mary is about to pop and John’s injury prone weekend.  All this was comedy gold when Justin got ahold of it.  Seriously, if there is one episode to listen to, this is the one. We recommend wearing a diaper (we all have them, right?) cuz you are gonna pee your pants!

Highlights –

  • Matt and the the 38 minutes (conception or delivery – I’ll bet you can guess…)
  • Justin is prime for the Hunger Games with mad arrow making (fletching?) skills
  • John makes actuarial calculations of california traffic gun violence
  • Mark gripes about cutlery cleanliness.

Justin (Husband, Father, Jerk), is the host of The Dad Podcast.  Astute listeners might realize that Mark was a guest on his show a few weeks back.  Therefore we got him to join us, exchange student style (without the language barrier).

Jason splits his time between being Mr. Mom and being a traveling funny man.  In some odd way that seems a perfect fit.  Hopefully he is coming to a city near you. A native of Modesto, California, Justin has been performing comedy in front of live audiences for over 15 years. In addition to performing in comedy clubs all over the country, teaching improv and hosting numerous live events, Justin was featured on Showtime’s Comics Without Borders with Russell Peters. Both of Justin’s albums, Paternally Challenged and Justin Worsham: I’m a Good Husband can be heard daily on Blue Collar Radio on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Check him out at justinworsham.com.  There you can find out about his podcasts, his comedy albums and even check out his schedule to find out when he will be in your part of the country.

This is a pretty long episode.  Just another way you get more from your money here at Engineering Fatherhood.  Still, you might want to bring an extra diaper.

Thanks Justin!

Mark Owens
EF Intern
EF Headquarters
Somewhere on the internet

Engineering Fatherhood Episode 35

Comedian Justin Worsham



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