Episode #44 – Healthy Kids!

Obesity is a real problem with kids today.  We go through and give our ‘guys opinion’ on how to keep kids healthy and happy.

As dads it all seems simple.  Make them go outside and dont let them eat too much much.  It all comes down to this – ‘Be the Parent!’

We are oversimplifying of course.  Families are busier today than ever and both parents work in a lot of families.  It takes effort to make a real meal every night and even more effort to get kids away from video games or the Disney Channel.

Here are our big points to ponder.  Most of these seem obvious:

  • Make them go outside
  • Minimize eating out
  • Dont let them drink huge sodas
  • Be reasonable about the food you keep in the house
  • Fruits and vegetables – make them eat at least some
  • Excercise doesnt have to mean a routine at the gym – get them involved in sports, go on walks, play kickball!

In other news

  • Mark is in St Louis – The arch is cool!
  • Matt wants the new xbox
  • We are all jealous of John’s basement
  • We are going to bring rants back – repeats welcome

Thanks for listening!



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