Episode #46 – Date Night

We all know how important it is to spend time with our special ladies (you know who you are).  This is one of those things that we all agree is important, but that is still difficult to do.  Here are some of the ideas we had:

  • It is great to set a consistent time (hopefully weekly).  This is hard, but if you can pull it off (John does) it is great!
  • Babysitters are key – cultivate good ones.  Ask neighbors, etc.
  • Matt is young and has a social life so he and Mary also do stuff with friends.  This is good, but not as good as a date night.
  • If you are desperate, you can have date night at home.  Just feed the kids early and whack them on the head with a rubber mallet at bedtime.  Then you and your wife can have a nice dinner and talk or watch a movie.
  • John suggested going out to ‘watch the stars’.  You can bring your food and just sit out in the car somewhere and talk and munch.

All this and more.  Mark even added a live song at the end that just might make you cry.



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