Episode #47 – The lost art of play!

Have you ever wondered what happened to ‘cowboys and indians’, cap guns, stamp collecting, kick the can, etc.?  In this episode we discuss the things WE played as kids, what was different, what we should bring back to todays children and what we should leave back in the ’70s.  Here is the quick summary:

  • Cowboys and Indians is no longer politically correct.  We frown on kids playing with toy guns.  Seen a cap gun lately?  We decided that kids will play this sort of violence no matter what.  Today it takes the form of nerf dart guns and super soakers and that is just fine with us.
  • Collecting stamps, coins, baseball cards, etc.  We agreed that these activities were pretty boring.  We understand why kids don’t do them any more.
  • Backyard Sports.  Kids are in so many activities now.  These activities are all structured with adults (referees) telling them what to do.  What happened to kick the can, kickball, touch football and the like?  This is one we would like to bring back.  Not only is it exercise, but kids learn to work things out amongst themselves.
  • Frisbee – John’s family loves this.  We need to do more of this.
  • Pen Pals – We had a short discussion on the demise of snail mail in a world of texting, instagram and facebook.
  • Boxes – we all swear by them.  Matt’s facebook pics are full of fantastic box fort creations (couch cushions, blankets and air mattresses too).  This art is alive an well in all the Owens’ homes. Is it alive in yours?

It was good to get back in the swing of things and catch up with my bros.  Thanks for listening! Mark


2 comments on “Episode #47 – The lost art of play!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Really agree with these suggestions, it’d be great to see more kids doing these sorts of things nowadays! I probably sound like I’m really old saying that, but heck those activities that you listed were pretty cool. I’d also add Swingball to the list – basically hitting a tennis ball tied to a pole from one side to another (either on your own or in pairs). My wife and I did this together a few years ago on a trip to France and really enjoyed it, had really case of 80s nostalgia!

  2. Enjoyed this episode about the lost art of play. I’m a friend of your dad’s (we taught together and we now get together once a week for breakfast) so I’m a little older than you guys. I’m not sure if the “play” activity of pitching baseball cards was popular in your era, but as kids we would pitch baseball cards by the hours. This activity involved two or more boys (and sometimes a girl or two participated) assembling about 10-12 feet away from some type of wall where, one-by-one, we would skillfully pitch a card up to the wall. There were many facets to the activity, but essentially the player whose card was the closest to the wall would win all the cards pitched in that round. It was a simple “play” activity that in addition to being fun and entertaining us for hours, taught us many life skills. I have not seen any kids pitching baseball cards in years, perhaps baseball cards are now too valuable to pitch, LOL.

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