The Owens Brothers

Hey all,

This is the ‘About Page’ so here we go.

We are three brothers who live in different cities, but still try to stay close.  This is just a chance for us to get together weekly for some lively discussion on a topic we are all passionate about – Fatherhood.

John – Our fearless leader.  He is the vice president of an Insurance Company (SafetyNerd) in central NY.  He has many wonderful children including two grown children of his own (Zachary -22, Jennifer – 20) as well as several grown children by marriage.  From that group, he actually has a number of wonderful grandchildren that he spends a lot of time with.

Matt –  Matt is an electrical engineer (PowerNerd) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Rocket Science).  He has two lovely children: Jack – 2.5 yrs and  Emily (<1 yr). He is in the middle of babies and potty training which is awesome.

Mark – I am an environmental engineer designing water/wastewater treatment systems (WaterNerd).  I have three super cool childred: Alex – 10, Molly  – 8 and Luke 3.  Yes, Matt and I have kids about the same age which is great.

We also have lovely, wonderful wives that put up with us, tolerating our shortcomings and letting us podcast.  Linda, Mary and Kim, you guys rock!

Anyway, Matt and I are engineers, and John is also pretty nerdy so we called our podcast Engineering Fatherhood.  As you know, when science dorks procreate, things can get pretty weird!

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Engineering Fatherhood HQ
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Three Brothers


5 comments on “The Owens Brothers

  1. Love listening to your podcasts. They make my hour long commutes with a toddler much more entertaining. Just saw this article on and it reminded me of your first episode:

  2. Michael Charbonneau says:

    Hey boys. Your dad sent me the link. This is great stuff. I really enjoyed it.


  3. Michael Charbonneau says:

    Hey boys. Love the site.


  4. Maite says:

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